I love:
fresh pineapple. gossip about people I don’t know. playing piano. New Glarus Apple Ale. acting my age. airports. someone who can finish “water water everywhere.” the phrases “no dice” and “close, but no cigar.” Shakespeare. baseball. summer. classic literature. road trips. Poe. singing. Family Guy. you♥.

I hate:
pronouncing the T in ‘often’. people who walk slowly when you’re in a hurry. Kung Fu movies. onions. dark chocolate. soccer. people who are too pushy. jelly beans. gory movies. fake people. seeing someone be taken advantage of.

I am:
22. brunette. German, Irish, American, and possibly Dutch. shy… only kind of. a pianist. a grammar nazi. the baby. a true Wisconsin girl. Team Edward [everyone makes mistakes].

I am addicted to:
chocolate. Bones. Asian food. twitter. Shiloh & Sammy. Sam. mt. dew. Harry Potter. music. fashion. chapstick. Glee. skim milk.

I don’t (or try not to):
judge. use GD. step on grates, drains, or manhole covers. eat at Wendy’s or Burger King.

I want to:
live everywhere. be a Doctor (of anything but medicine). learn to perform. get married, eventually. kiss the Blarney Stone. hold a million different certificates and degrees. run a six minute mile. touch Everest. be crazy. make a difference.

I believe in revenge, usually. It’s petty but it’s karma.
I spend way too much money on clothes.
Everybody makes mistakes.
The greatest compliment you could ever give me is that you feel like I never judged you.
I love to dance and drink and be merry.
It’s only illegal if you get caught.


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