Hello 2012

28 01 2012

I lead the most boring life… ever.

Okay, so that statement may not be entirely true, but we all have those days.  Like today.  When I feel as though all I’m doing is working, sleeping, watching television, Pinterest-ing, facebook-ing, twitter-ing, lather-rinse-repeating.  So I fill my days with making Pinterest boards about my non-existant wedding, the DIY house I don’t have, and things that make me giggle, along with complaining about my job & how I need a new one (ahem… who doesn’t do that, right?).  Thankfully I’ve got a good guy & his cat to also entertain me. 🙂

School?  Nope, ain’t done that yet.  Thankfully the state took my tax return & gave it to my school, so that knocks a couple hundred off my bill.  Just a couple hundred to go & I’ll be back at it, baby.  The current idea is to first go for a Therapeutic Massage certificate, but who knows… my mind could change again by then. 😉

I’m also headed back to Florida in a couple of weeks.  Family vacation this year, bringing the boy along.  We both need such a break from the stress & drama that is QSL, a week in the sun & warmth seems like just the ticket.  T-minus 12 days… I’m ecstatic. 😀




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