Yes, can I place an order for delivery?

19 11 2011

Five self-explanitory companies that at one point or another, we all (yes all) have wished would deliver.

1.) Starbucks©

2.) Jiffy Lube©

3.) Cold Stone Creamery©

4.) Taco Bell©

5.) Trojan©


I’m not gonna write you a love song…

2 11 2011

Im feeling sexy & free, like glitters
e.  Yourlike shoof
purgold, think Iboutexplode.


… but I said I would write you a blog.  So I did.


adored.  beaming.  cheerful.  giddy.  ecstatic.  enraptured.  dizzy.  lovely.  so happy.


joy•ful [joi-f uhl] – adjective
1. full of joy, as a person or one’s heart; glad; delighted



this is what you do to me.

day 33.