Bye bye, facebook.

12 04 2011

Over the past few years, I have grown tremendously as a person. With the age that I’m at, that is to be expected (hopefully). And over said years, I have come to realize a few things about myself, not all of them are fortunate.

For example, I like to pick fights. And I don’t just pick any ‘ole fight, anywhere, any time. When it comes to strangers, I am a non-confrontational person. But with the people I love, I can be a nit-picky little brat. And I have fought some of the biggest fights in the history of the world over things so incredibly insignificant. Why do I do this?, one might wonder. You know, since this trait is really, really awful. And the answer is, folks….

My ‘clue’ is literally so microscopic that I can’t even tell when I’m doing it. I will finish a fight, get so worked up that I feel like I need a run (and I am NOT a runner), and when I finallyyy get around to the girly analytical “Now, what was that fight really about…” stage, I realize that the fight was totally pointless, and that I didn’t actually need to throw dirty underwear at the man who left them laying on the bathroom floor.

As a result of said realization, I have also come to terms with a fairly disappointing fact:  I am my own soap opera.

By this, I mean that I am pretty good at creating my own drama.  Subconsciously picking fights and dealing with the aftermath is enough for one to deal with;  I really don’t need anyone else trying to brew more trouble in my already boiling cauldron.  So, after careful thought and consideration (and a few unwelcome “posts” on various profile pages), I decided that my facebook needed to go buh-bye.  For now, at least.  I won’t go into the dirty details, but suffice it to say immature people should not be allowed on to social networking sites.  Or at least not onto the ones that I like. 😉




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12 10 2011
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