R.I.P. iPhone 3g

29 01 2011

Earlier this week, a great tragedy occurred in my life. The unfortunate and untimely death of a dear loved one. My beautiful, beautiful iPhone 3g.

Sad, I know. You may not find this as awful as I do, but as I’m the one who idiotically dropped my phone into my dog’s water dish, I think it’s the worst thing in the world. An optimist would look at this situation as an opportunity to get another fun phone that isn’t slowly deteriorating. And although my replacement is pretty nice, I’m still in mourning.

R.I.P. baby. It’s been real.

p.s. Only three full days left to hit my January ‘resolution’ …yikes!


10 Gifts for a Literary Mind

24 01 2011

This edition of homemade gifts is for the book lover.  I’m constantly reminded of how little time I dedicate to reading, and how sad that makes me (it’s that pesky little thing called work, always budging in on my book time ;)).  So perhaps these wonderful gift ideas will kick my reading butt back into gear.

1. Stamped Book Bindings

Of course you’ll need to buy the books, but I just love the freedom for creativity with such a sweet & personal touch.

2. Tassel Book Marks

Need to know how to tie a tassel?  Learn how here!

3. Books for Baby

These are not exactly homemade gifts, but in light of the fact that several people I know are having babies, I thought it would be nice to add this.  It’s never too early to give an old favorite (my classic of choice would be The Wizard of Oz), and you could personalize the gift or gifts with…

4. Book Plates

While in a middle school art class, I can remember working on a pretty sweet block printing project.  Fairly easy to do, with simple tools and supplies.  Take a carving block, ink your design with a ball point pen, and use simple carving tools to take off what you don’t want printed.  The next step is the easiest: stamp it on an ink pad and go!  With a homemade design on your homemade bookplate, any book becomes an incredibly thoughtful gift.

5. [More] Book Plates

If you lack the steady hand for a block and chisel, devoting your creativity to a computer screen will mean just as much.  I promise.

6. Photo Books Marks

7. Glasses Case

So maybe not every avid reader has reading glasses, but I figure if my 20/20 eyes have three pairs lying around the house, that yours most likely would, too.

I really, really love that these are made out of old neckties; there are so many fun and kooky ones sitting on a rack at Goodwill, just begging for second life.  The only downfall is how soft they are.  I don’t know about you, but if this were thrown into my purse, my glasses would be crushed by my wallet, book, serving apron, and whatever other madness I have in there.  When I try this, I’ll want to create sturdier interior wall.  Perhaps a cardboard sleeve, lined with a fabric that won’t scratch my lenses.  Don’t worry, when the day comes I WILL tutorial!

8. Tote Bag

This particular set is a bit girly, but a simple tote bag is great for a trip to the library, toting your books to the beach, or maybe even for the scholar who just needs a little extra room.  Whoever it’s for, it’s sure to come in handy in the cutest of ways.

9. Duct Tape Kindle Cover

There are many, many, MANY versions of the homemade kindle cover out there, but I have to say that my favorites are always the most creative and unique.  I for one am a ginormous fan of duct tape, and thought this was yet another wonderful use for it.  For those of you out there looking for something a little classier than The Silver Force (no offense, C. E. Grundler!), I found a really nice cover created by fellow blogger Joy Victory.  On her site, El Blog de Joy, she shows you how she crafted her case out of an old hardcover Texas Guide book and a few other cost friendly pieces.  I would usually be posting photos of her lovely cover right about here, but her website specifically requests that peeps like me not reuse her photos without permission.  So, instead I will provide this link to the post.  Go check it out.  Seriously, it’s definitely worth the extra four minutes.
I also feel I should mention this gift really only works if the gift-ee actually has a kindle, but it could be amended for any e-reader.  Just make sure to measure!

10. Make Your Own Book!

Three words: I LOVE THIS.
I’ll be honest.  What first caught my eye was the pretty, abstract design on the cover. What can I say, shiny object syndrome. 🙂 And then I noticed the binding.  And then I noticed it wouldn’t take ten years to do it on your own.  You can do so, so much with this!  You can opt for a thicker, blank paper to make a sketch book.  You can use a pretty lined paper to make a journal.  You could use paper you’ve already printed on to make a personal copy of your favorite book.  The possibilities are endless, and I love every one of them.

On a side note, if you were leaning in a slightly more professional direction, I also love the idea of having a book published for someone.  Example: I used to write poems when I was little, which my father adored and loved to brag about.  If I wanted to collect a few of them an have them published, I could simply go to this really great site I stumbled upon where the process is so simple.  You sign up for a totally free account, download their editing software, and before you know it you’re creating pages in a book which you can have published for as little as $2.95 each.  Check it out here!

Golden Globes 2011: Angelina

18 01 2011

I am a typical girl. Not the type who watches the Golden Globes, but one who watches Fashion Police: Golden Globes 2011 on E! the week after. And I just have to say that while yes, I agree that Anne Hathaway was to die for, and Michelle Williams’ dress bit the big one, there seems to be one consensus that I just can’t come to terms with; no matter what they say,


Personally, I think it was a total mom dress.  The waist line is awkward, the shoulder pads are awful, and it’s just all around unflattering.  If you ask me, it was a big fat flop [just like The Tourist ;)].

Things I Love: First NFL Playoff Weekend

11 01 2011

1. Day- and NyQuil
2. Tissues

3. Skim milk

4. My favorite feather pillow

5. (& 6., I suppose) HBO and AT&T On-Demand

Can you tell how I’ve felt all weekend? 😦

January: Clean my house.

7 01 2011

Now, these photos I’m going to show you are a bit embarrassing. Okay, really super embarrassing. So I beg of you, after you see them, please keep reading my blog.

Okay, so these are not actually what my house looks like, but it’s not much better. (Though I feel compelled to add that here, my trash is not everywhere!) I live in a two bedroom, one bathroom, ground floor postage stamp, and quite literally have toooooo muuuuuch stuuuuuff for it.  The second bedroom is not a bedroom at all, not even for company;  the spare mattress is standing on end next to two couches, the box spring, and countless other boxes and nonsense.

A dear girlfriend of mine is wanting to move into my other bedroom, which is something I’m really excited about. The only way that will be possible, though, is to clean house.  Big time. I need a storage unit for all of my junk, ASAP;  enter Alicia with her perfect roomie status.  The girl already has a unit, larger than my entire apartment, with space to spare. So the simple solution is that, when I’ve cleaned and packed up enough junk, we rent a U-Haul trailer and swap some stuff.  Problems solved: clean house, new roomie, and new couch in the process (will explain later– gist: swapping “new,” comfy, real couch for old, creaky futon).  We’ll see how this goes.

Five Reasons New Year’s Resolutions Suck

7 01 2011

New Year’s resolutions really bite the big one; this we know. So I scoured the internet looking for five really great reasons not to make them. And thus I give you: my five best reasons to skip NYR, and make much easier, monthly, blog-able goals.

1. They set you up to fail. You write a whole list of them, or maybe just one or two. But there’s a reason you’re waiting until now to start working on them. They’re difficult, and you’ve failed before. You will fail again. – My Happy Lists

2. You’re using the plural form: resolutions. How many resolutions did you accomplish last year? For 78% of people, it’s 0. –C. G. P. Grey

3. We make [resolutions] too dramatic. “Resolutions we tend to make off the cuff. We make them too big. I don’t let my clients say, ‘I’m going to the gym every day.’ I say, ‘let’s go three days a week. And if you go over? That’s great. We celebrate.” –life coach Michelle Prossor

4. They’re probably the same. If your resolutions are the same as last year’s, it’s just more evidence that New Year’s Resolutions suck. –My Happy Lists

5. Think positively about the year to come and what you can achieve. Resolutions which focus on issues such as the need to lose weight or job worries create a negative self-image. And if the plans fail to materialise, that could trigger feelings of failure and inadequacy. We chastise ourselves for our perceived shortcomings and set unrealistic goals to change our behaviour, so it’s not surprising that when we fail to keep resolutions, we end up feeling worse than when we started. [This year], instead of making a New Year’s resolution, think positively about the year to come and what you can achieve. –Paul Farmer, Mind Chief Executive