28 12 2010

SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL The Art of Mandy Crandell
author: Mandy Crandell
Location: Indiana, USA

Writer.  Photographer.  Artist Extraordinaire.  A small tribute to an Indiana girl who took scraps and pictures and words and with her life, built SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL.

All photos contained in Things I Love: SOMETHiNG MONUMENTAL belong to Mandy Crandell.  I do not possess the expressed written consent, nor consent of any sort, to hold, share, or publish said photos.  As always, all photos are linked to the sight at which I found them– The flickr account of said company and creator.  Enjoy.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we MADE you a Merry Christmas!

24 12 2010

It may be “the thought that counts,” but if it’s a good thought, don’t you want it to do more than just ‘count’?

Being a 21 year old waitress, and typically [very] poor, I’m a big fan of do it yourself crafts and gifts. Not only do you get to beam with pride when you’ve actually managed to create something very cool, but it’s a great, cheap alternative to generic store-bought gifts. This year, I’ve opted to give a few of my own homemade gifts, but as they’ve not been opened yet, my lips will stay sealed on the specifics. I did, however, think that someone out there would appreciate some of the DIY ideas that I’ve found. Here I showcase: Six DIY gifts that I would LOVE to open tomorrow!

1. Photo Cubes I would much prefer personal photos to ones of nature, but I quite like the classy b&w touch.

2. Dip-Dyed Candles

3. Map Coasters I love, love, love these!  Being a musician, however, I must say that I might just have to try this with old sheet music…

4. Hard Flower Barrettes

5. Body Scrub

6. Fabric Clutch

All of the photos in the post do not in any way, shape, or form belong to me.  A gentle reminder that, as always, all photos that are not mine are hyperlinked to their original site– in this case, directly to the how-to page.  This entire post was made possible by Martha Stewart, and

(706): Biggest lesson I have learned in college: drink if you are happy. Drink more if you aren’t.

21 12 2010

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… That’s right, folks. For the first time this past weekend, I publicly drank alcohol… and it was legal. 🙂 I had a good ‘ole time, and a fairly chill birthday with LOTS of free drinks. So. We all know how a 21st birthday goes, and I’ll do a bit of a photo dump later this week, but I really want to move on to one of the funniest and most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.

First things first, I would like to preface this portion with a big, bold, over stated I’M NOT PREGNANT! And nor do I intend to be anytime soon. But one of the blogs I read just so happens to be a mommy blog, which recently posted about baby bump photos. That in turn got me thinking about how most of the time, women choose to just take the ‘National Geographic’ photos– “Yes, I know. I’m big. I feel like a whale, thanks for noticing. So no, I will not be nice for the camera. I will merely unenthusiastically pose for your camera for DOCUMENTATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.” And some women choose to take professional, more “let’s show the world our miracle” photos. I think I’ll lean for the latter, when that time comes, but that’s just me. All of this chit chat brings about my true motive for this post: Awkward Family and/or Pregnancy Photos. Now, before I provide you the link, I think you deserve fair warning: if you are afraid to see an errant butt or boob, I’d steer clear. But as most of them are generally PG, I quite think it’s worth a look. Enjoy.

Beautiful Disaster

2 12 2010

FINALLY, a name for my beautiful mess of an online life!  For about a year now I’ve been bobbing along with only a username to go on.  By the time I realized I should probably think of something better, I had absolutely no idea what to go off of.  Not a clue.  To make a long story short, I decided to think of the simplest way to describe my life.  In two words, if possible.  My mind ran through fun & crazy words and phrases like young drunken chaos, neon debauchery, etc. etc., and suddenly my mind flashed to this Kelly Clarkson song I fell in love with so long ago; “Oh and I don’t know / I don’t know what he’s after / But he’s so beautiful / Such a beautiful disaster.”  It’s such a chaotic and metaphoric song, but it’s so beautiful, and I really feel as though it sums up my entire life in just a few minutes.  The song title is (you guessed it!) Beautiful Disaster, off of the Kelly Clarkson album Breakaway.  You can read the lyrics here, or watch & listen here.  Enjoy. 🙂