How young is too young?

31 10 2010

Trolling around tonight as sleep escapes me, I stumbled upon a quite interesting story; A four year being sued for negligence. With piqued interest and a raised brow, I clicked on the blog to read further (thank you Bikes Can Work!).  After that, I clicked on the NY Times article to read a little further.  The entire story is quite astonishing.

In April of 2009, two four year old children (Juliet Breitman & Jacob Kohn) were racing their training wheel-clad bicycles down a sidewalk near their Manhattan homes, “supervised” by mothers Dana and Rachel.  Juliet crashed her bike into a 87 year old woman, Claire Menagh, who sustained severe injuries, including a hip fracture and necessary surgery.  Menagh passed away three months later, due to unrelated causes, and her estate filed a lawsuit against the four year old, citing negligent behavior during the accident.

The gist of the story is that Justice Paul Wooten of State Supreme Court in Manhattan has recently ruled that the lawsuit is viable, as children over the age of four years are capable of negligent behavior (children under four are legally incapable of negligence in the state of NY), though that does not mean that the girl will be liable for the accident.

Which brings me back to the question;  how young is too young?  I understand the need for a legal restriction as to the age of negligence, but really?  Suing a four year old girl?  Menagh passed away of unrelated causes, and there is no need to try and ruin the rest of this little girl’s life (though the process & scarring has already begun).  If anything, one should be suing the mother(s).  I admit that I am not a parent, and I know little of what difficulties accompany a four year old, but when your children are playing on a public sidewalk, be cautious & very courteous.  Watch your children, watch out for the elderly, and don’t ever let “It’s just New York” be a viable excuse for this behavior.


New favorite song; Come on, baby, let me see what you’re hiding underneath.

24 10 2010

WARNING: This music is cleverly provocative, much in the way of Britney’s “If U Seek Amy.”  If the sneaky kind of racy just ain’t your bag ‘o chips, then I’d skip over this post.

Katy Perry Peacock

I opted for the video made by the (quite humorous) gay gentlemen.  I saw it once and couldn’t stop laughing.  If you would like to read the lyrics, you can find them here.

Blogs I Love: Higher Highs, Lower Lows

16 10 2010

I have decided to start a Blogs I Love series.  And by that, I simply mean that when I find a blog that I love, I’ll post about it.  This particular piece is the premier of my new “line,” and I thought I ought to start it off right;  with a blog I really do LOVE.

Higher Highs, Lower Lows “Traveling across the peaks and valleys of parenthood”
http: //
Author: jaimeclewis
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Higher Highs, Lower Lows is the story of Jake and Jaime, the ‘smitten & stupefied’ new parents to the “Wild American Seabass.”  No, Seabass is (of course!) not the boy’s real name, and can you really blame her for not sharing it? She’s already dealing out very intimate details like blackjack cards– from C’s “baby-birding” meals to the family dog, to the harsh reality of going on post postpartum depression medication.  Must she really share EVERYTHING?  I think not, and when you read the story of how the little guppy became Seabass, you, too, will find her quite awesome.

The gist of their story is all about the day to day life of a new mom, who gave up her career to see her little boy’s smiling face every day, a new dad, and a ‘baby makes three’ who are just trying to find their way.  She takes you along on her journey of discovery in such a way that it feels like you’re completely engrossed in a novel that you just can’t put down, continually waiting on edge for the next chapter.  C’mon, Jaime… what comes next?