Lube life as I know it

22 07 2010

Quaker Steak and Lube of downtown Madison hath finally opened it’s doors to the public. Last Saturday, to be exact. And thus far, it has been phenomenal. I am absolutely in love with my job. The menu is pretty great, if you’re a wing fan. 22 sauces, many of which are award winning. Okay, so now I sound like I’m talking to one of my tables… moving on! The Lube has thus far been amazing to me, and I’m really, really hoping I continue to enjoy it as much as I do right now. At this rate, it will be incredibly difficult to make a decision whether to move out of state, though I’ve been itching to for years…

In other news, we’ve come to a slight decision about housing. Mainly because we are sick of looking (and I’m sick of doing all the work), we have narrowed it down to two 2 bedroom 1 bath apartments to choose from. There are many pro’s and con’s to each, and I have ultimately made, through gritted teeth, the more responsible choice. I don’t want to delve into the details just yet, just in case we’re not approved, but I’m hoping to be moving in in a few days. As for now, we’re off to Perkins for our breakfast/lunch, and then to turn in the application and fee. Wish me luck!



This is the start of something new…

9 07 2010

Great news– I have a new job! The day that I was taken off of the Tilted Kilt schedule, Andy and I had chosen to stop out at Quaker Steak & Lube in Middleton. (I’m a sucker for their deep fried pickle spears!) I decided to fill out an application, and found out that they were opening another location downtown, just off of State Street. So I applied, had an interview last week, and was hired on the spot! VERY exciting! I had orientation last week, begin corporate training tomorrow, and we open our doors to the public on July 17th! I’m extremely excited for this new adventure!

Speaking of the Tilted Kilt, I have some rather unfortunate news; the Tilted Kilt of Madison closed it’s doors permanently on Saturday, June 19th. Long story short, the business had been hemorrhaging money for months, and the owners finally chose to void the remainder of the four year lease. I was originally taken off of the schedule because they were cutting nearly everyone’s hours, trying to save every penny they could, and as I was already only working one or two days a week, I was taken off the schedule entirely. I feel bad that they had to close their doors for good, but opening at that location was not the best of ideas. I’ll speak no further on the matter, as one should not speak ill of the dead. 😉

On other matters, Sam is doing wonderfully. She’s loosened up a lot, and is starting to learn about the potty training thing. She’s pretty good about going when you take her out, and I think she may be starting to actually tell us when she has to go. She’s also learned to play VERY well with Shiloh, as well as Molly and the girls. She loves going out to Cambridge and running around in the yard. She’s still very fearful of other dogs, though. She’s not quite as friendly and outgoing as Shiloh, but I don’t believe she would attack anyone or anything. She’s also scared to death of water, still. The other day we took both dogs to Rock Lake in Lake Mills, and although she jumped in before Shiloh, she hopped right back out and wanted NOTHING to do with it! I was able to let Shiloh off of his leash to play fetch with a ball in the water, but Sam just sat on the edge and would come anywhere near me in the water. A family with a yellow lab also showed up, and she shook, whimpered, and whined until they left. It looks like I have some work to do; I’ll make her a water dog yet!

On the housing front, I’m going crazy. Our lease is up in a matter of 24 days and I have yet to find another place that we 100% want to move into. There is a 2 bedroom in Fitchburg which is pretty much perfect, at the Arbor Hills apartment community, but with my new job, I would REALLY love to move back downtown. Andy will be driving somewhere either way (even with where we live now, he doesn’t walk the mere 5 blocks to work! [though it is a full mile, so I don’t really blame him]), and if I could live within walking distance to work, that would be phenomenal. I’m still looking around downtown, and am fully prepared to both move into a smaller space, and be “homeless” for two weeks. (Downtown leases run August 15-15, while my lease ends on July 31st). There is no application fee at Arbor Hills, so as of right now, we’re going to finish filling out the online application tonight, while I keep calling on downtown 1/1’s that I find interesting.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Going to go do some more laundry, make dinner (Au Gratin taters with beef, carrots, & green beans.. yum!), and continue my cleaning/packing pseudo-Everest expedition! Wish me luck!