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17 06 2010

Just reflecting on life today. In general, it’s pretty good. I have two, beautiful puppies, amazing parents who love and support me, I’m young, I’m adorable (;))… I’ve got a lot going for me. But no matter what way I look at it, something is always missing. If things had gone according to plan, this year I would be entering my junior year of college (or already had an associate’s degree!). Instead, I dropped out in the middle of my first semester and have yet to go back. Right now, the main reason is that I still owe MATC about $2000, and for a girl with no money, that’s a LOT. I’m starting to form a picture of what I might want to go into; as of right now, there are a few items on my idea plate…

Option One: Graphic Design. I love art– namely to draw and create. What led me to graphic design was the design aspect of it all; I love to create. In high school, I used to design t-shirts for various school programs that I was involved in (show choir, musicals, etc.). I always loved seeing people wearing the shirts with my own designs on them. After a while, I realized that all that was was basic graphic design, and it piqued my interest. I would like to start and own my own business one day, so my plan was to start at MATC with an AAS in Business Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, etc. Then I would go on to a university to get my BFA in Graphic Design. (for the record- I am well aware that not all of my AAS credits would transfer, as they are unrelated programs)

Option Two: Psychology and Sociology.
Psychology: psy·chol·o·gy –noun; the science of human and animal behavior.
Sociology: so·ci·ol·o·gy –noun; The study of human social behavior, especially the study of the origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society.
Being overly analytical is coded into my DNA, and I would very much so love to understand why people do the things that they do (which is where the psych comes in). Criminal psychology is also very interesting to me, mostly notions about why people turn to murder, violence, etc. Which is why I also want to study sociology, as it interests me how a murderer’s childhood can affect his growth into violence, etc. I would also pick sociology over social psychology, because the latter is more the study of the individual and effects of give and take with the whole, etc., and that does not sound interesting in the least. As far as a career, I’m not 100% certain where that would take me, but I do know that I would love working in criminal justice with a psych degree.

Option Three: Healthcare. I’ve always wished I had the guts to be a nurse, but knew that I didn’t deal well with blood, guts, and gore. So nursing was immediately put out of my mind… until now. I love to work with people, and I love even more to feel like I’m helping people and doing a great deal of good. (For as much as I love volunteering, I sure don’t do enough of it :() I plan to enroll (HOPEFULLY!) this fall in an MATC nursing assistant program, and to be working as a CNA as SOON as possible. I’m hoping that I can teach myself to be more and more okay with the yucky stuff so that I can work my way up to an LPN, and eventually a full blown RN. And if nausea is still in the cards for me, than I can always turn to an option I explored a while back: Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Also known as the people who take your ultrasounds. DMS only takes an AAS, and MATC has the program. Either way, I think it’s a pretty good shot.

Well, I guess that’s all for right now. I’m re-reading Harry Potter (I don’t remember a lot of details from the last three books, especially the last two, so I figured if I’m going to re-read them, I might as well start from the beginning :)), so I’m going to go jump back into the Sorcerer’s Stone until I can’t keep my eyes open. 🙂 Bonne nuit!




10 06 2010

Sneaky title, eh? I’m so excited about this little secret that I really just can’t keep it to myself. We’re keeping this whole situation on the down low for a little while, but I just really felt the need to share…

We got another puppy!

Samantha Leigh Wright.  But we just call her Sammy. 🙂

We’ve been wanting another dog for a while–  Shiloh’s really been needing an at home companion.
Sam is a five month old lab/hound mix that was originally rescued from an extremely high-kill shelter in Tennessee (all animals get euthanized after only SEVEN DAYS! 😦 ).  We adopted her from the H.E.L.P. Shelter Dog Rescue in Waupaca, WI, which is actually the same shelter we adopted Shiloh from last September.  This shelter is run solely off of donations, like most shelters, and when there isn’t enough coming in through adoption fees, etc., they actually pull the money out of pocket to keep it going.  It’s a tiny shelter in the middle of east Jesus nowhere, but I just love what they’re doing.  They really are great people with huge hearts!

We brought Sammy home this evening to a nice BATH!!!!!, and then a nice little snuggle fest.  She’s taken a bit of a liking to me, which I love.  I know that she’ll warm up to Andy more with time, but she’s also going to take a lot of patience, in every aspect.  She may be only five months, but she’s been in a shelter her entire life and has a slight lack in ‘social skills’.  She’s never gotten the attention that she wanted or deserved, so she doesn’t really understand how to accept it now, or what to do with it.  With time and training, I know she’ll catch wise. 🙂  Oh!  We also got a coupon for a FREE Cesar Millan DVD!  I LOVE the perks of adopting! 🙂

Well, that’s really all for now.  I just wanted to put up a quick post about our wonderful new addition while I’m still so excited over it.  I will update later on her status and progress.  Until then, good night!


Need roomies?

7 06 2010
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6 06 2010
It’s been a million years or so since I’ve made a real post on here, and I figured it’s high time I get around to it.  A lot has changed, and I need to tell someone about it. 🙂
First and foremost, I’ve quit Tri-State.  The whole situation was a lot of BS, and after a certain few events (for example: my car being keyed!  I can’t prove that it happened in Richland Center, but it’s highly likely.), I was absolutely fed up.  It was admittadly not my most adult choice, and with the way I left, it’s not something I’m really proud of.  Despite that, being honest about the way I left and what an awful choice that was is a step in the right direction.  The entire compound was just a toxic environment- as they say, good riddance to bad rubbish!

Building on the post title, and picking up where the last post left off, I am now a proud cast member of the Tilted Kilt of Madison west.  For those of you who are unaware of what the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery is all about, you can check out the website by clicking here.  To sum it up quickly, it’s an Irish sports bar with gorgeous girls in tiny kilts (that’s not me being conceited–I’m talking about all of my lovely lady colleagues!).  The pub has 32 huge flat screens, and a great menu ranging from our signature wings and sauces, to some more traditional dishes like sheppherd’s pie.  It’s a great place, and although not quite as busy as I’d like it to be (thanks to political reasons and previous restaurant failures), it’s still fun and making my vacation money. 😉

Meanwhile, I am also looking into a second position elsewhere.  This is proving to be a rather difficult task, though, as I’m not sure where the heck to look.  What I mean by this is that I have many choices to explore.  At first, I was looking into CNA and Care Giver positions, ones that would be “willing to train the right person.”  My original plan included becoming Nursing Assistant certified this fall at MATC (which is still in the plan), but a certification six months from now does not earn me any money today.  So I decided to maybe turn my quest towards the secretarial department.  I have no true work experience in the healthcare environment, only mild ‘volunteer’ work.  This makes the task fairly difficult for me, and although I am more than willing to continue trying, I actually have office experience.  I also need to rewrite my entire resume to apply for a healthcare position, which will take… forever.  I am also not looking forward to the daunting task, and am therefore severely procastinating. : )

Furthermore on the employment quasi-issue, I am strictly looking for a part-time position.  I have no problem with working more than forty hours a week, but it’s actually being an adult that I have an issue with.  I’m only twenty, so I’m going to live it up and act my age while I still can.  Everyone is in a rush to grow up too quickly, and I’m just not down with that.  There is also a lot of traveling that we plan to do this summer and in a full time position, it would be much more difficult to take time off at a full time, career-y position.

As far as traveling goes, I’m extremely excited about our main excursion in August:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (I will explain the timing later).  Andy’s good friend, Steve, is doing some sort of internship in the Dominican this summer, and he has invited us to seize the opporunity to lay around on the beach all day, and have our own personal tour guide in the evenings.  I’m gonna be honest… I really can’t wait to see how TAN we’re going to get. 🙂  Andy and I are also huge suckers for traveling to new places, as well as knocking out two birds with one stone… we also want to visit another country while we’re down there.  Haiti is a natural thought, as it shares the same island as the Dominican, but due to the fact that the two countries aren’t the best of friends, and the fact that we don’t have much luck with traveling and don’t want to deal with the political bull crap, we have decided to hop a quick flight over to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  We figure an American territory will be much nicer. 🙂  I looked into a ferry ride over to the island, but to put it bluntly, it was about $100 more per person (when a sleeping cabin included, and as it is an 8pm to 8am ride, no cabin is not an option), and the ferry ride is a twelve hour trip, whereas the flight is merely one.  Not really a difficult choice there!  I haven’t yet looked too far into San Juan hotels and tourism, but honestly, I’m thinking beach, booze, and bikinis. 🙂

Now this main trip is going down in August, one of the hottest months of the year.  Why, you may ask?  Well, to sum it up quickly, we will be ‘homeless’ for roughly two weeks in the beginning of August.  The lease on our condo is up on July 31st and although we haven’t signed a new lease yet for next year, we do know that we are moving back downtown, and therefore will be signing a lease for August 16th.  So instead of sticking all of our junk in storage somewhere and camping out in my parent’s basement, we’re being nomads for a few weeks.  We plan on being out of the condo around July 29th (it’s a Thursday, and flights will be cheaper) and heading to the Dominican for around a week-ish.  Around August 4th, we go pond hopping to lie on Puerto Rican beaches for a few days before heading back to the ‘States around Sunday the 8th.  As far as the week that follows, I’m not entirely sure of anything yet, other than being back in Wisconsin by that Saturday afternoon.  We have a family reunion to go to (whilst very tan, I might add!).  There are a few options I’m bouncing around, including a road trip to Atlanta to visit Andy’s mom (and stop in by his dad), as well as a trip out to Washington DC.  He has family in Maryland that we could stay with, and we would only have to rent a car and pay for light food and attraction fees.  Either way, our last few days would be spent relaxing with family and taking in the local sites.  And then we head back to good ‘ole Wisco and get back to the real world of moving in.

Well, I think that’s quite enough for now.  I’m going to get off of wordpress and get back to catching up on old episodes of Bones.  I just can’t get enough.


p.s.  It was taking ENTIRELY too long to finish editing this, so I really only went over the first half.  Ergo, apologies for any spelling mistakes, air-headed-ness, etc.!