Go totally crazy, forget I’m a lady… men’s shirts, SHORT SKIRTS!

24 03 2010

So as I write this, I am at work, “calling clients.” Well, saying “calling clients” is a lie because I actually am following up on old estimates today. I’m just not calling them as rapidly as I could be. I’m no longer this job’s biggest fan, so I’m not exactly trying my hardest here.

I have an interview tonight! I probably won’t be able to get around to posting this until after it’s all over, but I still wanted to write a blip. I’m super stoked. I would be serving again, which would be great. I don’t want to say which establishment it’s at, as I will not disclose if I don’t get the job. I just wanted to say how excited I am!

Moving on to new decisions… I have OFFICIALLY decided to quit this job, sooner rather than later. I’m beginning to get really fed up with the way I’m treated around here. Nearly everyone hates me, and although I like the reason (I got the job over my boss’ girlfriend’s friend… yeah), being glared at and ignored is getting really old. Kevin is absolutely in love with me, and I think he’s starting to put the moves on me (even though he’s forty, married, and has two kids). He’s really cool in general, but a lot of the time we spend together is alone, and it’s borderline creepy. And then there’s Brent. Brent talks to nearly everyone like they are either two years old, or only have two brain cells. The guys may brush it off pretty well, but I, on the other hand, do not. I’m geting really sick of being spoken to like I don’t know what I’m doing, and it’s only getting worse. So currently I’m looking into geting a serving job so I can pay off MATC quicker, go back and get my CNA, and then work at a hospital (St. Mary’s, fingers crossed!!) while I go to MATC for my AAS in Business Management. I’m also looking at other office jobs IN MADISON if I can’t get back into serving yet. Either way, I gotta get the hell outta here!

As for next year’s housing, I have also decided to move back downtown. I’m turning 21 in December, and let’s be honest…. 2011 is going to be nothing short of an eight month drunken debauchery. Where better to live than within stumbling distance of the local bar scene? We’re having roomies because, after this lease year, we both need to act our age again, and a huge house will be perfect. I’ve found the house I want, even though we’ll have to lie about Shiloh (shh!), but I don’t want to dish the deets until it’s ours. So more on that later!

I guess that’s pretty much all. I will post again later this week, hopefully with more details! Wish me luck!



Oh, Atlanta…

11 03 2010

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

I have not posted an “official” blog about the holidays, and I hope everyone’s was as great as mine. As is becoming our routine, Christmas for Andy and I began on the evening of the 24th. We went out to my parent’s house in Cambridge for our tradition of a hors d’œuvres dinner (orderves) and movie night. We also open one gift on Christmas eve, and this year, it was a comfy and toasty plaid pajama set for each of us.

We munched our orderves all night and just hung out with my parents. It’s nice that, for the time being, we still live close enough that down time with my family isn’t too hard to come by.  To just sit around the tree, enjoying one another’s company, though, is always nice. (The weekly visits are probably what I’m going to miss the most when we leave Wisconsin! :() It is tradition to watch a movie together on Christmas Eve, and although I opened it (“The Breakup,” one of our favorites), we ended up just watching TV all evening. The movie, however, did not go unwatched! My parents retired fairly early, leaving me time to finish one of my dad’s gifts; a black, oversized, crocheted scarf.  (I had bought the yarn and began the project in the second week of December, but forgetfulness and procrastination prevented me from properly working on it ahead of time.  I had also started another scarf, and after working for a week or so, realized that it was about two feet two long.  So, on Christmas Eve, I began my labor of love all over again.  I didn’t finish until almost 5 a.m.!)  After that, I wrapped a few last minute presents, and finally fell asleep around 6.  This was right around the time that my parents were waking.  Thankfully they decided to be nice and let us sleep a little later, sending the dogs down to jump onto our bed around 8:30. Christmas morning was great, as usual.  My parents ALWAYS go over-board, which just makes for a wonderful and slightly surreal time.  Gift highlights include my amazing 19” flat screen HDTV, a full-sized sewing machine, 2010 Tinker Bell calendar (tradition), a green “cuddlie” (an off-brand Snuggie), a red micro-fleece blanket (so fuzzy, and so warm!), a really great grey Wisconsin long sleeve, and a Scooby Doo/Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed DVD box set. They’re so generous; I just wish I could have afforded to do the same (I was unemployed and very, very poor)!

The rest of Christmas day was pretty lazy;  we ate a big ham lunch around noon, and just lounged around.  Andy and I were leaving for Georgia in the evening, so we said our goodbyes around 8:30 to head back home, shower, and finish packing.  We loaded up the car and bunnies together, cleaned up all evidence (the landlord was stopping by while we were gone, and the bunnies were not allowed!), and got on the road around 12:30.  Having the wonderful boyfriend that I do, Andy drove until about 8am, letting me rest because I was running on about 2½ hours of sleep.  He is so wonderful!

The drive down was pretty mellow.  No speeding tickets (unlike the TWO from the last trip!), no accidents, we didn’t lose the dog… I’d say it was fairly decent.  I drove for a few hours in the morning while Andy napped.  Shortly after he woke up, we had to switch back because someone *ahem* Andrew Ryan Wright *ahem* gets bored just sitting in the passenger seat.  I didn’t mind, though, as I’m much better at entertaining both of us from the passenger seat.  We arrived in Cumming at 2:30 the next afternoon (well, it was 2:30 to us… 3:30 Georgia time), unpacked the car and bunnies, introduced Shiloh to his Georgia “aunts” and “uncle” (a black lab, a rottweiler, and a large breed mix), and ate our second, very delicious, family Christmas meal (turkey!).

"Aunt" Taz

"Uncle" Buster (it's difficult to see, but he's a very sweet, monster black lab)

A full body shot of Buster Brown

was another fairly relaxed day, as was the entire trip. Exhausted, we had retired a little early the night before, and still managed to sleep in a bit. After showering and eating breakfast (the bacon was to die for!), we headed downtown to Underground Atlanta. I’d never been, and have been told several times to stop by, so we went ahead. The parking meters are free on Sundays, which was nice. We were also looking for free attractions for the week, as I was still unemployed and we were trying to save as much money as we could without being bored.

was another great, lazy day.  We slept in and lounged around all day, going to Andy’s [boy]friend* Dan’s after dinner for the Independence Bowl game.  UGA played A&M, and won 44-20.  Go Bulldogs!

*the [boy]friend reference is a long-standing joke about how close Andy and Dan are.  Best friends since childhood, it has been said that if they were opposite genders, they would be betrothed.

we went back downtown to visit the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic District.  Andy isn’t quite the history fan as I, so I tried to rush through it, though still managing to snap a bunch of great pictures.  Beforehand, we ate lunch downtown at Popeye’s.  I know we have them here “up nort,” but I had never been.  I almost felt like I was crossing something off of my bucket list by eating fried chicken in downtown Atlanta (that is a complete joke, so please don’t take it the wrong way!).  😉  I only had the nuggets, but managed to sneak a bite of Andy’s drumstick, and it was all very good!  Possibly the best chicken nuggets I have EVER tasted! (note: chicken nuggets and chicken McNuggets are two VERY different things!)

was a fairly long day compared to the rest.  After breakfast, we headed over to Calhoun to see my maternal grandparents, uncle, his wife, and two of my cousins.  We hung out with my grandparents for a while before heading over to my uncle’s house.  We were supposed to have dinner back in Cumming, but ended up getting roped into this little Mexican diner in downtown Calhoun (my family is so persistent… I just couldn’t say no!).  After getting back “home,” we ate again, of course, to be polite.  About two hours had passed, so we each had a homemade burrito (they were AMAZING!!).  The original plan was to spend about three hours in Calhoun and then head off to Stone Mountain (a.k.a. Look-Out Mountain;  I haven’t been since I was little), but we ended up spending about seven hours with my family, so that obviously didn’t happen.  Oh, well.  There’s always next time. 🙂

was the ultimate in lazy days—we literally did absolutely NOTHING.  Not a thing!  It was so nice… we lounged around in our p.j.’s, watched cable on the big screen (neither of which are things we have at home, so we enjoyed them while we could!), spent time playing with the dogs, and ate dinner with the family.  It was such a wonderful last day.

we “slept in” until about 9:30 or 10, and then it was time to pack (which I did most of;  I let Andy spend a little last-minute time with his mom).  It took us a few hours to make sure we had everything, get it all packed into the car, to make certain things accessible (puppy food, water, bowls, snacks, etc.), and then pack all of our creatures up.  It was so hard to say goodbye; the weather was so nice (compared to back home!!!), and I just love staying with them.  We left Cumming at 12:19 for yucky, cold Madison and arrived safely just before 1am Saturday morning.  Andy dropped into bed immediately, having to work at nine the next morning, while I unloaded a few essentials from the car.  I finally followed suit around 2 and slept until I couldn’t sleep anymore.

All in all it was a great trip, and although we were very poor, I’m really glad we were able to scrape up the money to go.  It was so wonderful.  I can’t wait to go back!