Hangover Helper

18 02 2010

As my wedding is yet still so far off (two years!), we are now just making mild decisions about what we would and would not like to do about the whole kit ‘n caboodle.  For instance, we have chosen our color theme (not letting on with it yet!), but are not yet set on a location (Madison, most likely, possibly Milwaukee).  I am on TheKnot.com‘s mailing list, which is usually nice to get emails about dresses, hairstyles, flowers, etc., but currently a little annoying when the messages are about huge sales that are going on.  They will come in handy eventually, I’m sure, but for right now, I can’t afford the 75% off bridesmaid favors!

Anywho, the point of my post today is this ADORABLE favor that we are dead set on having:  The Hangover Helper kit.

Our personalized kit includes:

A bottle of water

Chaser, the hangover pill

Two aspirin

A mini bottle of Listerine

And a satin, sleepy face mask

I just wanted to document this for my future references.  THANK YOU to TheKnot.com for providing me with this ADORABLE idea!


A million years! Or so it seems…

17 02 2010

It has been about two or so months now since I’ve posted a real blog, which is a ridiculously long time.  For about a month now, I’ve been working on my Christmas/New Years/Georgia blog, and when I saved my most recent draft, I was at work, using Windows Vista programs.  At home, I’m still working with Windows XP, which explains why I am currently posting a filler blog. 🙂

I don’t feel like typing too terribly much on this blog, but I will just post a few bigger updates…
I have a new job.

Tri-State Basement Repair - Office Assistant

I “adopted” a kitten.

Hari лиса(Lisa) Wright

We have (almost) decided what kind of dog we are getting this summer…

Hopefully a BLACK lab puppy, because black dogs are the "least adoptable." (apparently they don't photograph well :()

… and HER name.

Currently just browsing the net, mostly looking for housing (summer will be here before we know it! :D), writing this blog, and possibly looking up wedding randoms (if I decide not to be lazy! :P).  Anywho, I’m going to get off here now.  Hopefully tomorrow I will remember to email myself the text from my Christmas blog, so it will actually get posted!  For now, God bless and good night!