Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… ♫

23 12 2009

As of last Saturday,the second decade of my life is officially over. I’m not a teenager anymore… I almost can’t believe I turned the big 2-0! I’m a little nostalgic about it, mostly because 19 is my favorite number. 20 also isn’t a huge deal, so we really didn’t go out and do a whole lot. Andy and I started watching a movie around 11:30 or so the night before, and when it hit midnight, we paused it and I got my gifts.  The first was a book I’ve been wanting, The Twilight Companion: The Unauthorized Guide to the Series by Lois H. Gresh.  The second was a $50 gift certificate to Solar Energy Tan, which is enough to cover one of their month unlimited packages.  I am SO excited to use the gift certificate!  We’re going to Cambridge on the 24th, and are going to be in Georgia from the 25th/26th (driving through the night) until January 2nd, so I have to wait until we get back to use it.  But I’m still so excited to be tan again!  HOPEFULLY by then I will have a new job and be able to buy myself another tanning package to keep up my tan!

After I received my gifts, we fell asleep to the rest of Couple’s Retreat.  Saturday morning, we slept in together, which was really nice. I got up and got ready, straightened my hair and such while Andy slept a little more. For lunch, we went out to Cambridge/Lake Mills to this great little Chinese restaurant, Ming’s Garden. It’s kind of a family tradition to do birthday lunches there. My parents gave me my birthday gift, which was a beautiful pair of precious stone earrings. Peridot hearts, topped by small, round diamonds.  This was the closest picture on google images that I could find…

The diamonds are a little bigger, and mine are yellow gold, but that’s almost it. : )
We had a lazy afternoon at my parent’s house, and left around 4 so that Andy could make it to his final downtown by 5.  I dropped him off, and headed back to the west side to let Shiloh out and have some me-time.  I facebooked, planned Christina’s fake-wedding a little more (click here to see my beautiful planning skills!), and just relaxed with my puppy.  At 7, I went back downtown to pick up Andy, and we went to Chili’s on the west side for dinner.  The strawberry lemonade is to die for!  My salad was so so, and they brought Andy the wrong burger, but all in all it was pretty okay.  The chips and salsa were amazing! 🙂 After that, we swung by the liqour store (also known as Andy ran inside while I read my book in the car) for some Captain, coke, and my vino, and then went home.  Relaxed on the couch, watched a movie, got a mini foot massage, and just had a nice evening at home.  It wasn’t an exciting birthday, but it was still nice, and I got to spend it with the people that I love the most. 🙂

Moving is a big topic that we’ve been talking about for quite a while, and we’ve pretty much decided on Florida (95% sure, but Andy’s from Georgia, and likes the change of the seasons).  Now the big question is when.  First I wanted to move next August, and then we decided we couldn’t afford that.  Next it was summer of 2011 (June or July if Andy got a big enough signing bonus to let us afford that, August if we couldn’t).  Then it was who knows when, because we decided the wedding would be in June of 2012, and that we were going to do a rent to own or lease purchase agreement in the Madison area, so WHO KNOWS how long we would be here.  Now we’re back to square one, with having no clue.  At this point, I think it would be best to stick around Madison for one more lease year (until July/August 2011).  We will (hopefully!) be engaged by then, amidst planning our Wisconsin wedding.  This way, it would be easier on my parents to let me go, because I would probably come back to Madison about once a month for wedding related activities.  There is only so much planning that we can do right now, though, because all of this is still so far off.  Nothing is immediate, and we therefore can’t have any solid plans.  Tentatively, Andy is going to start looking for jobs both here in Wisconsin and in the Orlando and Tampa Bay areas.  I guess we’ll keep that up for a couple of months, hopefully receive and accept some sort of job offer, and go from there.

Assuming we stay in Madison next year, we will be finding another apartment for next lease year.  Hopefully a nicely sized efficiency (cheaper) or one bedroom.  Two bedroom would be nice, because we have a queen and a full bed, and having a guest bedroom would be great.  We are also looking to save money, though, and a smaller apartment would allow us to do just that.  Either way, we may not find a move in date until August 16th, when our last day at Harbor House is July 31st.  Two weeks homeless?  Not a problem.  Why, you ask?  Because we’re going to MEXICO!  We are going on a week long vacation next summer (in either July or August) to Villa Amor, 45 minutes outside of Puerto Villarta, Mexico.  It’s this amazing little resort I found on  The Knot‘s top 10 honeymoon lists, one of which was dedicated to budget friendly resorts.  It’s on the same latitude as Hawaii, and in their off season (July, August, and September), their cheapest room is only $55/night and still has an ocean view!  I may want to get a group together, because even the three bedroom suites (three seperate bedrooms with a at least a double bed, air conditioning, and your own private indoor pool!) are only $375/night!  It’s so beautiful, and I am so excited to go!  I can’t wait! (We’re going to be sooo tan!!)

Still on the job hunt, unfortunately.  I’m at the point where I don’t even know what to do anymore.  I just don’t know what to do.  I can type 83 wpm.  I have great customer service (when I want to 😉 ).  I know how to answer phones, type, get coffee.  I have quasi-management experience.  Just no receptionist/secretary experience.  I’m about ready to just flat out lie.  Say I was a personal assistant for my mom or something.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.  I NEED A JOB!!!!!! It is causing me a rediculous amount of stress, and if I don’t get a job soon, I think it’s going to kill me.

I am so excited for Christmas this year, even though I have a LOT to do before then.  Tomorrow, I have to finish cleaning up the house, so that if Kati has to show the place while we’re gone (for potential new roomies), someone will actually want to live with us.  I also have to crotchet a scarf for my dad’s Christmas present (which I have had about two weeks to do… I started one, but it was no good, so now I have to start from scratch), and make my mom’s throw/blanket gift.  Then I have to do laundry and pack for Georgia, which I am sooooooo excited for.  It’s been over a year since I have seen Andy’s mom and step-dad, and my other boyfriend, Buster (one of the three family dogs).  Maybe the reason I love it so much is because the last time we went, I really needed a vacation, and it was a really great, relaxing escape for us.  I’m excited to just be able to get away from Madison for the week, and temporarily get away from my problems.  I’m going to go away for a week and forget my drama, in hopes that I won’t get an ulcer. 🙂

Well, I supposed I should stop rambling.  After “planning” Christina’s wedding, my friend Nicky told me I should do hers, too, so I’m going to.  I think this may be a step in the right direction towards becoming a wedding planner (if I decide, again, that that’s what I want to do with my life).  Aside from that, I just love, love, LOVE weddings!  So I’m going to go do that for a bit, watch the rest of Hancock, and fall asleep next to my baby. 🙂  Good night and God bless!



Tina’s Wedding!

23 12 2009

I told my pretty pal, Christina, that I would plan her wedding.  So here I am, planning her nuptials. She said she was excited to see what I would pick out for her, so I’m planning a beautiful wedding in her honor. : )

Date: May 22nd, 2010
Bride: Christina Inga Grove
Groom: Zachary Phillip Grulke
Bridesmaids: December Warren – MOH
Lauren Jung
Jennifer Carpenter
Groomsmen: I have no idea! : ) I only know my Tina, not so much for Zac!
Theme: Unda da Sea
Ceremony: Milwaukee Art Museum, Windhover Hall

Photography: Milwaukee Art Museum, Quadracci Pavilion

Reception: Milwaukee Art Museum, Windhover Hall

Bridal Attire:
Dress: Essence of Australia style # D913

Hair: Half up, soft curls, small ‘poof’

Tiffany key charms necklace

Earrings: Tiffany round solitaire posts

Bracelet: Swarovski signature bangle

Shoes: American Eagle Cutout Sandal, style # 1415-1533

Flowers: Blue Roses

Bridesmaids Attire:
Dress: David’s Bridal style # F13291

Jewelry: Cowrie Shell pieces

Shoes: American Eagle Metallic Sandal

Flowers: White Roses


Cake topper:

Hers: Engagement: Kay Jewelers stock # 990365900

Wedding band: Kay Jewelers stock # 530095203

His: Kay Jewelers stock# 051047708

Honeymoon: Riffelalp Resort 2222m
Zermatt, Switzerland



No luck, Chuck : (

15 12 2009
So I have been on the job hunt for, oh, about a month now. As you can see from the title of this post, I have had no such luck. I’m running out of options. I had to email my landlord today and tell him that I’m paying my rent in weekly installments. I am searching and searching and turning NOTHING up! I haven’t (really) resorted to the malls (I turned in about four apps a few weeks ago), but I’m kind of searching to switch ‘career’ paths. I’ve known that I could type at least 60 wpm, and the typing test I took today blew me out of the water when I turned up with an “83 wpm” score! I’m pretty excited that I can now put that on my resume, tehe. My lack of experience, however, is working against me. I guess I will just keep searching…
On a happier note, my mom’s cat’s kittens are getting bigger and more playful everyday! They are so adorable, and all named: Tinker Bell, Dora (the explorer), Snowflake, and Dirty Harry (the boy). They are keeping Tinker Bell, and possibly one more if they can’t find a good home.

Dora ("the explorer")Dora's coloring


Mama Brandy cuddling with her only boy, Dirty Harry.

Tinker Bell

Snowflake (/Snowball)

Snowflake and Tink playing

I really want Dora (formerly Wendy, which is how I still think of her). She’s the smallest of the bunch, and generally the quietest. She has beautiful coloring, and loves to climb all over you! Unfortunately we can’t have cats at our house, and Andy just isn’t a kitty person. L

Still looking for housing next year, as well as deciding whether we want roomies or not. Realistically, I would love to get into a rent to own situation sometime next summer, but there are a few issues with that. First of all, I don’t know enough about the whole “lease purchase” process. From what little I’ve read up on it, basically you negotiate either a one or two year lease agreement (depending on your credit score), and at the end of the lease, you purchase the house. This is very difficult to attempt to calculate so far in advance, for several reasons. I don’t know where I will be working at the time, nor do we know where Andy will be working, and we don’t know how much our combined income will be, and thus what our budget is. I also don’t know if we want to get into a lease purchase agreement, because that leaves us “stuck” here for a few years. The current, tentative plan is to get married here, in Madison, in the summer of 2012. It would be a good idea to stick around until then, because we are familiar with the area, have fall back plans for housing (my parent’s house, friend’s couches, etc.), and it would just be easier to plan the wedding from here. But by that time, we will be 22 and 25, and I just don’t know if I want to be that old when I’m moving. I almost feel like I’m just going to consider myself too old, though the only other alternative to move before then is when I’m 21, and is that really that much of a difference? Not really. I guess I may just want to suck it up and realize that I’m not going to accomplish all of my life goals before I turn 25, and that life isn’t over if I don’t move tomorrow. I need to remind myself that, though it may happen later than I want and expect it to, I still will move and GET OUT of here! 

Now, onto wedding plans! I LOVE talking about this subject, and I don’t really have many people I feel I can gush about this stuff to, since I don’t even have the ring yet. L (He’s still working on being able to afford the perfect one!J ) I know Andy gets sick of hearing about it, so I guess I will just gush to anybody who reads it on here! J Tentative plans are to get married here in Madison, in summer of 2012 (sorry to be redundant!). We want to get married downtown somewhere, preferably on the Isthmus. We’re kind of looking at a ceremony and reception at the Monona Terrace roof garden (a white tent would be assembled for the reception). I’m not sure, though, if they do receptions on the roof… I haven’t really checked into that. A reception inside would be okay, so long as it is in either the Community Terrace or the Grand Terrace (both rooms with large windows facing Lake Monona). Another idea (which I would LOVE) is getting married on the steps of the Capitol, facing (street name). It would be really great because we could have the ceremony, and send everybody walking the two blocks to the reception at the Terrace while we take photos.

The facade from Lake Monona.


The rooftop garden/terrace.

This is either the Grand Terrace (I believe so), or the Community Terrace.  

Monona Terrace photos courtesy of the official Monona Terrace website.

I think we’ve decided on a color scheme, or at least we’re 90% on it. The theme is “tropical”- mostly white with very bright, tropically colored accents (hot pink, deep purple, aqua blue, and bright orange). The bride’s maids dresses I want (currently, at least… they are a little out of the $100 limit, though) are from David’s Bridal, and are style # F12284.


 David’s Bridal dress style# F12284 photos courtesy of David’s Bridal
To see the dress online, click here.

There will be at least three BM’s, so the colors will be Sangria, Cornflower, and Tangerine. If we decide to have more, I will probably just repeat those colors, because the pink that they offer in this dress (Watermelon) is okay, but I just don’t think it ‘pops’ enough. I suppose I could just go with white and hot pink bouquets… maybe while calla lilies and pink tiger lilies? Just a thought, but I will talk more about flowers later.

Well, I guess I should end this blog… I’ve been working on it for two days and it’s got to get published sometime! I’m going to post it and immediately start working on my next blog, which of course will hold more wedding details. So look for a new post in the next few days! For now, good night and God Bless!