So the job hunt begins!

16 11 2009

So I basically inadvertantly lost my job last week. I messed up my schedule and thought I didn’t work until Thursday. On Wednesday morning, when I was supposed to be at work, I was actually sleeping in and being ‘willingly let go’. I’ve been really wanting to leave for a while now, and have contemplated walking out before, but I didn’t want to leave this way. I also feel awful because I ended up leaving a good friend hanging. There’s no use crying over spilled milk. What’s done is done. But I still have a new job (or three!) to find, and rent is due on the first.

Today, I went on the website for West Towne Mall and made a list for all the available positions I would like to apply for. That would be incredibly useful, since I live less than 10 minutes away. I also have a half finished Taco Bell application online that I need to get to asap (I need to get on a real computer for that). I’m applying to the same location that Andy works at because I know they desperately need people. The only thing is that it’s all the way on the east side. I also know some of the people who work there and, well, let’s just say I don’t know how much I would enjoy them as my co-workers. I feel like my sense of humor doesn’t exactly mesh well with theirs, and I would end up looking like a huge bitch because I didn’t laugh at their jokes, etc. I also have to go online and look up resume templates. I think I’m going to write it out by hand, type it up at my parent’s house, and email it to my mom. She tends to find some pretty good job listings, but doesn’t know how to apply for me. And by pretty good, I mean that she ALWAYS finds the listings with the $10+ per hour! I need that!

Lately, to get my mind off of my worries, I’ve been planning and planning. Where to live next year, rent and rooms this year, how to do a budgeted but spectacular wedding. I even thought about making my own gown! I’m looking up places to live for the next lease year and I’m pretty torn up about it. Andy and I want to have our own place. We want to give Shiloh a sibling, and I’m going back to school. We’re moving to Florida in the next couple of years, and we’ve already figured out that we can’t afford to next August. Staying around here is more responsible. I can have in state tuition to get my CNA, and we’re planning on having the wedding in May of 2011, and it’s just smarter to stick around here for the planning and such. We’ve also figured out, though, that renting a room in a bigger house is cheaper than our own one bedroom or efficieny. So, tentatively the plan is to rent a room with maybe two or three (or more, if need be) roommates, plan the wedding, get married in May, go on our honeymoon, move to Florida immediately after, and sublet the room for the summer. Just looking up places for now.

As for today, Kati, my current roommate and I, are going to sit down and talk about some serious stuff. I’m going to approach the idea of Andy and I moving into the loft (when he moves in) and renting the other room to someone, as well as a few other friendly issues. I’m not sure what she’s going to want to talk about. I have an idea, but I don’t want to post anything about it now. I will probably blog about it later.

Well, I better get going. I have a shower to take, more laundry and cleaning to do, my Kati list to pen, a resume to create, apps to fill out and more to pick up. Lots to do! Wish me luck!

God bless,

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Halo ~ Bethany Joy Galeotti
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The Twilight Series, or read it again, as I am now.
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First wordpress!

12 11 2009

So it’s pretty late, and I started this thing up as the last thing I’m doing before going home and going to BED, soooo….. yeah. I thought I should probably blog something quick.. I’m completely exhausted (I think I may be coming down with something), so sorry if this is random and incoherent. So, like I said, just a quick “Hello World!” blog and that’s it. I will try to blog more tomorrow, or when I can get to a regular computer again. Until then, good night and God bless!


Hello world!

12 11 2009

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!